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Coaches Corner

Upcoming changes to the PGCBGC Background check procedures:

Staring March 15th, 2019, the PGCBGC background check will now be processed through our Sports Engine website.

The new background check will still be facilitated by NCSI and their partner Sports Engine and will be good for the standard 2-year period. 

The cost has decreased to $20.00 per background registrant.

2019 PGCBGC Background Screening and Abuse Prevention Training


2019 Abuse Prevention Training

Also new for 2019 PGCBGC has adopted a new "Abuse Prevention and Training" (APT) course mandated by the federal government for all youth volunteer organizations.

The APT course will be coupled with the 2019 Background check at an additional cost of $5 per registrant, and also will be good for the 2-year period.

Cost for the APT course only will be $5.00 per registrant.


If your current 2018 PGCBGC background check is valid and you only need to take the APT course for the 2019 sports season.  You can access this course separately in the links below

2019 Abuse Prevention Training (Only)

You will need to ensure you've completed both PGCBGC  background and APT requirements in order to obtain/retain a coaching badge in 2019.


Pass PGCBGC Background Check!
Pass 2019 APT Training
Pass Sports Specific Coaching Certification Training & Test!
Sign the PGCBGC Code of Conduct
Receive PGCBGC ID Badge!

 Player IDs All players must have a MVA ID/ or a County Sanctioned Yellow Card!

Submit Rosters!
Check your Rosters!
Report Your Scores!

All Coaches and Assistant Coaches MUST have passed a Background Check  and APT course and a Sports Specific Coaching Certification and Training Test (including the ASEP or USA Football Test) before they are allowed to coach.  Once completed, you can apply for your santioned PGCBGC  Coaches ID Badge that must be worn at all times while on the field.

This must be taken care of before your season begins.  You will NOT be allowed to coach WITHOUT your PGCBGC ID Badge.

Coaches cannot be on the field or court without a PGCBGC issued Official Photo ID Badge.

To obtain a PGCBGC Official Photo ID Badge- 

All Coaches MUST:

  • pass the ASEP/ USA Football course & test
  • have a  completed BACKGROUND CHECK
  • Completed APT course
  • obtain an Official Photo ID BADGE from the PGCBGC office

Coaches are responsible for making sure all players on a team are registered and have been issued an PGCBGC issued Official Laminated ID Card (Yellow Card).  

Your Players MUST:

  • have an Official Laminated ID CARD
  • be on your team roster

Please follow the appropriate steps to avoid confusion or the possibility of a forfeited game or season.

Submit your Scores

Submit Scores

Report Your Scores!

Following your game, please report your game scores to our Scorekeeper via EMAIL or PHONE-IN available on a 24 hour schedule.  


It is important for each coach to report your score as soon as possible in order for our Standings to be updated correctly.